LIFE Commission visit

On 17th April 2013 took place the meeting between the representatives of the European Commission and partner companies of the project.

Specifically, attended the meeting:

- Mr Alban de Villepin – TechnicaI Desk Officer

- Mr Thomas Foersch – Financial Desk Officer

- Ludovico Susani – external monitor

Meeting was divided into two sessions:

- Technical session, structured as following:

Presentations: roles of the beneficiaries in the project.

Project overview: objectives, actions, state of progress task by task

Prospects, critical issues


-          Financial session (was undertaken in parallel to the technical session), structured as following:

Short introduction, State of project expenditures (by Coordinating Beneficiary, Alles S.p.a.)

Check of the accounting system, management of the financial documentation.



After all, partners and representatives of the European Commission visited the project prototype established in Alles’site in Marghera.

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