What is Green Site?


River and marine sediments play a fundamental role in the protection of the ecosystems belonging to a large portion of European territory. Every year in the EU around 200 million cubic meters of sediments are dug out: of these, 15 to 20 % are contaminated by organic compounds (PAHs, PCB, pesticides, etc.) and/or by heavy metals.

Research in the field of environmentally sustainable and compatible, above all rapid, technological solutions for the reclamation of soil and sediments has led to the experimentation of solutions of the biotechnological and physical-chemical type, often integrated together.

Green Site Project is a 30 months long running (October 2011 – December 2013) project aiming at demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative technologies for the reclamation of sediments coming from the excavation of the canals located in the industrial area of Porto Marghera (Venice, Italy). The technologies involved the use of fluids at the supercritical state for the extraction and the use of supercritical water for the oxidation of hydrocarbons and organic compounds having a high environmental impact.